I came here in a lot of pain. Didn't really know what was wrong. But after about two weeks, Dr. Woodbeck had just about all the pain gone. After going to a lot of different doctors and spending a lot of money, Dr. Woodbeck has me free of pain. His methods are great. I am now down to once a week and feel great. Thank you Dr. Woodbeck and I will send my friends and family to him. Patricia Dickinson

I started coming Nov 29, 2006 after I saw the sign out front for fibromylgia. I doctored for a year with lower back and neck pain (with no results). After reading an article on fibromylgia, I went to see a rhumetologist which medicated me but no real treatment. On the way home from that doctor, I saw Dr. Woodbeck's sign and stopped in, nothing to lose. The next day I started treatment and felt a difference and also found out my hip was off and had constant muscle spasms in back. Now twelve visits later, my EMG is getting normal and I Can actually sit without holding up my head and my legs and arms don't fall asleep. Granted, I still have a bad day here and there, but at least its not everday. My life is slowly getting back to normal. Also if you have female problems he helps with that too. DeLisa and Dr. Woodbeck are wonderful people; very understanding and they don't think its all in your head. Thanks for helping me get my life back! Theresa Armstead


I had suffered with low back pain for more than 30 years when I decided to try chiropractic. My neck was getting more and more stiff to the point where I could hardly turn to look back for traffic while driving. Chiropractic has resolved my back pain and my stiff neck is gone. I have learned about my body functions which helps me make good life choices and am looking forward to living a healthy life for many years to come. Lloyd Smith  

Both my neck and the small of my lower back caused my constant discomfort. My job requires me to sit a lot, either at my desk or behind the wheel of the car and at the end of the day, about the only position that feels comfortable is that of laying flat. After I began seeing Dr. Woodbeck, I immediately felt a change in my body. Dr. Woodbeck was able to adjust and manipulate my neck and back into their proper position (with no pain involved). The pressure ande discomfort I was experiencing before I started going to Family Chiropractic is now a thing of the past. DeLisa was also great. If I wasn't for her kind assistance in finding out if my insurance covered to office visits, ect., I may not have even considered looking further into going. She is very friendly and professional. Heidi Krause  

Couldn't lift my arm before my treatment. Now I can lift without any pain. It was very hard to plan the piano at church. He does not hurt at all with his treatment. He does it without pain. I would recommend him to anybody. Mildred Hull  

Dear Dr Woodbeck

I wish to thank you so very much for accepting me as a new patient and treating me the very next day after me calling for an appointment. I had been having very serious bouts with vertigo. It was so bad when it hit me I felt like I was going to fall off the earth. I was even afraid to drive for fear I might get hit with another bout and cause an accident. I had been treated by medical doctors for two years for the vertigo and it was just as bad or worse that when I started. My stepdaughter came to visit from California and said one of her girlfriends had the same problems I was having and was treated for two years with no relief. She said she went to a chiropractor and after one treatment was cured. I had never had any confidence in chiropractors so was skeptical about it, but I was desperate for some relief. On Sept 6, I received my first treatment and was treated three times a week for the next two weeks and then twice a week for two weeks. It is now Oct 6 and all symptoms of the vertigo have gone. The first couple of weeks of treatment the vertifo had gone but I still had a feeling of lightheadness which has gone now. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to drive and not worry about having an accident. I will be scheduled to go for treatments once a week for the next couple of weeks to ensure I am cured. I have gained a great deal of respect for the chiropractic profession. I'm not sure how it worksw, but have always put my confidence in the doctors that are treating me. That is what I have done with Dr. Woodbeck with very wonderful results. Thank you again, Sincerely, William Hubbard


Dr. Brian Woodbeck...I thought I'd never walk again! Feel better now that I have in ten years. No back pain. Lloyd Cass